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Crumb Rubber Balers by International Baler Corporation

Synthetic Crumb Rubber Baler from International Baler Corporation

International Baler Corporation (IBC) (formerly Consolidated Baling Machine) has been a worldwide industry leader for over 60 years, building innovative, quality balers and scales. IBC has a long history of working with both end users and engineering firms on projects ranging from new petrochemical plants, or new lines, to retrofitting older systems. Our engineering and project management is done in-house, and our highest priorities are project specification compliance and customer satisfaction.

We are the Rubber Baler Experts
Here is Why:

  • Customized Systems to Meet Your Needs and Specifications
  • Precision Scales for Consistent Bale Weight
  • Powerful and Efficient Hydraulic Units
  • Options to Retrofit Your Existing Line
  • Increased Productivity and Accuracy
  • Reduced Waste and Maintenance
  • Multiple Adjustment Points for Precise Chamber Sizes
  • In-house Engineering, Project Management and Production

Visit our Product Description page to learn about our balers, weigh scales, power units, and other options. Or call or email for more information, or to request a quote.