Rubber Balers

Our crumb rubber balers are completely automated, high production, heavy duty units designed for continuous operation.  Our balers are customized to meet your specifications and range in operating pressures from 600 to 1600 PSI.

Features include:

  • Heavy duty welded construction for continuous mechanical operation
  • PLC-equipped UL listed electrical panel UL
  • Easy-to-operate controls on a color touch screen
  • Stainless, solid steel in-feed chutes
  • Wide foot design for stable mounting

IBC also offers many custom options, including:

  • Redundant PLCs to decrease down-time
  • Custom hydraulic units to support single or multiple units
  • Special finishes and coatings on contact or non-contact parts
  • Spray systems
  • Special enclosures: explosion proofing, sound proofing, temperature regulation, etc.
  • Controls integration between feeder conveyors (also available through IBC), weigh scales, and plant communications
  • Extended Service Bolster by Karltex to reduce waste and maintenance cost

Extended Service Bolster by Karltex

This bolster by Karltex can improve your current baler or enhance a new unit in three ways:

  • Drastically reduces waste caused by tailings or worms
  • Reduces metal contamination by eliminating metal-to-metal contact between the bolster and liner plates of the baler
  • Reduces maintenance cost by increasing the life of the liner plates.